The Media Association of Pittsburgh (MAP) was founded in 1946 by Thomas J. MacWilliams with the original name as The Pittsburgh Radio and Television Club or the PRTC.  The primary mission of the PRTC was to offer gatherings and luncheons for social and networking purposes.  For several decades, the PRTC was largely composed of ad agency Account Executives and Media personnel, Sales Managers, and General Managers from Pittsburgh and Pittsburgh-area radio and television stations. With the onslaught of digital media, membership has expanded to that area to include Digital Agencies and their staff.


Our Mission remains the same:


To be the preeminent resource for the media buyers and sellers in the greater Pittsburgh area.  To identify, celebrate and educate the media community.  To be a conduit for area businesses seeking to invest in media.


The name of the organization was changed in 2007 to the Media Association of Pittsburgh (MAP) to better represent the increasingly diverse membership and to also move the organization in more of a media resource and educational direction, while not losing sight of the social and networking roots of the group.


During the last thirty years, a significant portion of the organization’s membership became media buyers, creative folks, directors and owner/operators of smaller boutique type ad agencies, along with advertising Account Executives and Managers from non-broadcast media such as outdoor and print. The push to bring students from local colleges and universities into the club began over 30 years ago when MAP created their internal scholarship award process to assist deserving students who are studying within the marketing arena.


Some of the organization’s highlights over the past 30 years include the Outstanding Achievement in Media Awards annual dinner which celebrated its 30th year in 2018. MAP also provides numerous social/networking events which assist in raising money for the college scholarships as well as offering informational breakfasts surrounding topics of interest that range from marketing within video games, to Print magazine updates to Artificial Intelligence, all geared to keep our members educated and enlightened.


In 2021, the Media Association of Pittsburgh will be celebrating its 75th year!


Come join us…we love new members!



1946-47  Thomas J. MacWilliams – Founder

1947-48   Carl Dozer

1948-49   Richard C. Bachman

1949-50  George L. Young

1950-51   George L. BarenBregge


1952-53   Joseph A. Jenkins

1953-54   Harold C. Lund

1954-55   William Coffman

1955-56   Clair Wingerson

1956-57   Henry R. Kaiser

1957-58   William Kelley

1958-59   J. Paul Scurlock

1959-60   Leslie B. Sterne

1960-61    Don Ioset

1961-62    Jerome R. Reeves

1962-63   Stephen J. Rooney

1963-64   Franklin C. Snyder

1964-65   William D. Morrissey

1965-66   Roger D. Rice

1966-67   John D. Gibbs

1967-68   Alexander W. Stevenson

1968-69   David M. Crantz

1969-70   Patrick M. Gmiter

1970-71   Edwin C.M. Cassard

1971-72   Earl Buncher

1972-73   Warren Maurer

1973-74   Paul C. Kress, Jr.

1974-75   Stanley Skirboll

1975-76   Gilbert H. Smith, Jr.

1976-77   Stella Wolk

1977-78   Marion Loper /      William C. Strong

1978-79   Marianne McDermott / John Longo

1979-80   John Longo

1980-81    Jack A.W. Shenkan

1981-82    Judith Granato

1982-83   Ted Atkins

1983-84   Donna Ivol Sanford

1984-85   Jack A. D’Amico

1985-86   Gil Lucas

1986-87   Chuck Hobbs

1987-88   Carol Sokol

1988-89   Mike Wolff

1989-90   Jeffrey Martin

1990-91    Lois Elder

1991-92    Bill Blume

1993        Stephanie Satterfield

1994        Maureen Durkin

1995        Richard J. Wolk

1996        Bob Bugle

1997        Duncan Jameson

1998        Marsha Gavula

1999        Roger Rafson

2000       Morry Feldman

2001        Paige Beal

2002       Julie Smith

2003       Brent Weiner

2004       Rebecca Lamperski

2005       Petra Arbutina

2006       Candice Puzak

2007       Michael Hills

2008       Jimmy Kennedy

2009       Claire Devereaux

2010        Renee Previty

2011         Tim McLaughlin

2012        Suzanne Berg Currier

2013-14    Christy Rodibaugh

2015-16    Tatia O’Connor

2017-18    Jason Dille

2019-20  Anita Miller

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