Guess who’s back…Ki Ki Brown!

Ki Ki Brown was awarded the 2023 Radio OAMA May 11th, 2023 for her outstanding achievement in Radio. Brown has accepted MAP’s invitation to host the 35th Annual Outstanding Achievement in Media Awards ceremony Thursday, May 9, 2024 at the Aviary.

The Outstanding Achievement in Media Awards


This is how we describe our signature event.

The annual evening of recognition and tributes provides an exceptional setting to honor those individuals in our industry who make us proud. So let’s go back to the beginning…

Established in 1989 to pay tribute to the men and women who create, who buy and sell media, who report and anchor and fill the air with personality, who publish, print, edit and write, and surpass exceptionally, the work of our media community. Our award categories are TV, Radio, Agency/Allied Fields, and our catch-all anacronym – OMNI – Outdoor, Magazine, Newspaper and Internet.

We also recognize, posthumously, through a memorial tribute, someone who had been a significant contributor of talent to Pittsburgh media in his or her lifetime. This award is known as the Thomas J. MacWilliams Award, named for the founder of our organization.

The Art Stein Memorial Award is our way to recognize an individual who has worked tirelessly for the organization itself.

But wait, there’s more! We use this forum to award two Scholarships…the MAP Scholarship and the Mary Beth Beggy Fischerkeller Memorial Scholarship for college students who are media-bound.

The Rising Star Award was created by the MAP Board of Directors in January 2020. The Rising Star award is to recognize someone under 30 in the industry and has been outstanding in their position.


The awards will be presented at the 35th Annual Outstanding Achievement in Media Awards ceremony on Thursday May 9, 2024 at The Aviary. In order to nominate someone in any category, you must meet each of the following criteria:

Nomination Process
In order to nominate someone in any category, you must meet each of the following criteria:

  • Be a 2024 paid MAP member
  • Nominees do not have to be MAP members
  • Nominations can be made in any (or all) of seven categories: Radio, Television, OMNI (Outdoor, Magazine, Newspaper and Internet), Agency/Allied, Thomas J. MacWilliams Lifetime Achievement, the Art Stein Memorial Award, and the Rising Star
  • Recipients may be honored only one time in a specific category
  • Nominee must be aware that he/she is being nominated and if selected that they would be available to accept the award on Thursday May 9, 2024
  • Nominations should be accompanied by a brief description (500 word maximum) of the achievements of that nominee in that specific category
  • All ballots that meet the above criteria will be presented to the MAP Board for consideration by Thursday, March 28nd. 

Questions may be emailed to Cassie Vadala

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Get your tickets to the 35th Annual Outstanding Achievement in Media Awards at The Aviary on May 9, 2024 here!

Congratulations to the prior recipients of these awards.

Click on the tabs below to learn more about each award and its prior recipients.

Radio Award

Pittsburgh is rich in history within the Radio industry, being home to the world’s first commercially licensed radio station (KDKA-AM) in 1920.  The Radio Award is granted to someone who has left their mark in the Radio industry within sales, on-air talent, and/or station ownership or management.

Previous Winners: Robert W. Dickey Sr., Bill Steinbach, Myron Cope, Tony Renda, Jay Davis, Gleyn Ward, Morry Feldman, Bob Roof, Porky Chedwick, Jack Bogut, Dollie Bucci, Jack Wheeler, Tony Mowod, John Cigna, Lanny Frattere, David Crantz, Paul Kress, Bill Hillgrove, Larry Richert, Mike Lange, Roger Rafson, Jimmy Roach, Anthony Alfonsi, Mary Beth Beggy, Stan Savran, Michael Young, Laura Varner-Norman, Saul, Gregg, Michael and Todd Frischling, PJ Maloney, Drew Salamon, Ken Israel, Shari Miller-Eisenfeld, Tom Fauls, Christine Fallon-McKenna, Ki Ki Brown

Television Award

The local market is strong and competitive within the TV category. The TV Award is designed to be given to that individual that has made solid contributions to the TV industry be it in Sales, Management, Reporting, Anchoring, or Producing.

Previous Winners: Bill Burns, Pat Gmiter, Fred Rogers, By Williams, Joe Berwanger, Paul Long, John Howell, John Conomikes, Ricki Wertz, Bill Cardille, Joe DeNardo, Patti Burns, Eleanor Schano, Sally Wiggin, Patrice King Brown, Peggy Finnegan, Leslie Wodjowski, Stacy Smith, Rick Sebak, Lonnie Stetz, Bob Pompeani, Jon Burnett, Michael Hills, Cindy DeLuca, David Newell, Joe Negri, Paul Martino, Blair Brockmeyer, Deborah Acklin, Kevin Gmiter, Barb Gallagher, Ken Rice, Sharon Rick, Linda Miller

Agency/Allied Award

The Allied/Agency award celebrates and recognizes the numerous ad agencies servicing the Pittsburgh area.  Home for a number of decades to large and small shops, the Allied/Agency award recognizes all positions within an agency including media and digital buying, planning, account service, research and strategy development, and overall management.

Previous Winners: Judith Granato, Al Dudreck, Tom Rooney, Ray Werner, LaRue Davis, Marvin Jacobson, Stanley Skirboll, Jack Goldsmith, Tim Tassone, Joe Gordon, William Binstock, Tony Bucci, Jack Coyne, Richard Wolk, Petra Arbutina, John Harpur, Jack D’Amico, Michael Brunner, Sandy Snyder, Stephanie Satterfield, Marsha Gavula, Ben Elisco, Ann McFadden, Julie Smith, Ginny Knor, Lois Elder, Michele Fabrizi, Amy Gustafson, Duncan Jameson, Geoff Tolley, Paige Beal, Candace Kantz, Barbara Stefanis-Israel, Jason Dille


Added later to the original list of OAMA awards, the OMNI award was designed to capture and celebrate those within the Outdoor, Digital, and Print areas and celebrates sales team members, publishers, buyers, and management.

Previous Winners: Jack and Christine Tumpson, Chris Miller, Ed Bouchette, Gene Collier, Alan Robertson, Ed Bittner, Betsy Benson, Doug Heuck, Keith Trdina, Christina French, Cooper Munroe, Wayne Dollard, Tim Benz, Justin Matase

Thomas J. MacWilliams Lifetime Achievement Award

The Thomas J. MacWilliams Lifetime Achievement award is a posthumous award designed to honor those who were not honored in the past by the MAP-OAMA in Radio, Television, Agency/Allied or OMNI. Previous Art Stein awardees are eligible for this award. The family of the honoree for the Thomas J.MacWilliams award may choose the presenter and the person accepting the award. The award is named after the founder of the PRTC, now the Media Association of Pittsburgh.

Previous Winners: Bob Prince, Florence H. Rudov, Marie Torre, Rege Cordic, Jack Fleming, David Crantz, Josie Carey, Michael Wolff, Art Pallan, R.D. Summers, Don Brockett, Mary Dudley, Damian Davila, Yvonne Zanos, Paul Shannon, Nelson L. Goldberg, Frank Conrad, Pam Peters, Herb Burger, Harold Arlin, Susan Broome, Greg “Charlie Mitchell” Call

Art Stein Memorial Award

The Art Stein Memorial Award was established by the Board of Directors in 1990 and is given to those who have made notable contributions in furthering the goals and objectives of the Club. This award is dedicated to Art, whose tireless contributions will always be remembered.

Previous Winners: David Crantz, Paul Kress, Jack D’Amico, Richard Wolk, Roger Rafson, John Longo, Duncan Jameson, Maureen Durkin, Jeffrey Martin, Lois Elder, Bill Blume, Marsha Gavula, Michael Wolff, Morry Feldman, Paige Beal, Rebecca Lamperski, Michael Hills, Jimmy Kennedy, Julie Smith, Renee Previty, Judy Bernstein, Tim McLaughlin, Christy Rodibaugh, Kristy Hudson, Tatia O’Connor, Jason Dille, Marisa Allen, Anita Miller, Doug Andiorio

Rising Star Award

The Rising Star Award was created by the MAP Board of Directors in January 2020. The Rising Star award is to recognize someone under 30 in the industry and has been outstanding in their position.

Previous Winners: Amber Kloper, Cale Berger, Sydney Patton

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