Past MAP Scholarship Recipients

2020 MAP Scholarship Winner

Michael Spinos

Robert Morris University

Mike Spinos, is a creative filmmaker and photographer based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. He is currently employed through Pittsburgh Steelers Wide Receiver JuJu Smith-Schuster and the NFL. He is responsible for creating various forms of social media content. He is also an active freelance filmmaker who loves to create a visual story whether it be through music videos, photos, and wedding visuals. He is dedicated to sharing his passion through his work from every cut, lighting setup, and angle.

From Mike:

“I am very thankful and appreciative to learn that I have been selected as the 2020 MAP Scholarship recipient.  I want to thank you not only for the generous financial support that will help me better my career, but also for believing in my goals and aspirations as a filmmaker.

 Since applying for the scholarship, I have graduated with a Bachelors of Arts degree focused on Digital Cinema Design and Television with a minor in Photography. I am currently working personally with Steelers Wide Receiver JuJu Smith-Schuster creating a lot of his social media content, as well as working for the NFL.

 With this financial contribution you have allowed me to focus on my dreams and continue to grow in this ever-evolving field. Once again thank you for all the support to not only me but many other filmmakers throughout Pittsburgh!”










2020 Mary Beth Beggy Scholarship Winner

Madison Pisarchick

Robert Morris University

Madison Pisarchick, Mad, is a passionate, driven, energetic, and creative photographer based in Pittsburgh, PA. Through her business, she has photographed a multitude of weddings, creative endeavors, and portraits. She has showcased her photographs in various art shows in Pittsburgh, PA. and Washington, DC. She is also currently working for GoDaddy as a Freelance Photographer in Pittsburgh. Through this opportunity she is gaining more experience doing product photography and helping small business’s gain brand awareness through her photographs. She specializes in fine art, portrait, and branding photography. She also has a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication with a Concentration in Advertising with a Dual Minor in Business and Photography.

From Madison:

“Winning the MAP Scholarship honoring Mary Beth Beggy Fischerkeller has given me confidence in entering the workforce and in myself as an artist. After researching Mary Beth, I am touched that I am able to represent such an empowering woman; her energy, drive, and willingness to help others was unmatched. I am inspired by Mary Beth, the members of the Media Association of Pittsburgh, and our community, to continue creating throughout this difficult time. This award reassures me that I am on the right path as an artist and that I can achieve my dreams. Thank you so much for this opportunity, I am truly humbled.”