Past MAP Scholarship Recipients

2024 Chemistry Scholarship Winner

Jordan McClure

Carlow University

Jordan McClure, a sophomore at Carlow University, is pursuing a BA in Communication with a Business minor. He has maintained a 3.95 GPA while participating in Carlow’s Men’s Basketball and Cross-Country Track teams. Beyond his academic achievements, Jordan serves as a Carlow Student Ambassador for the Admissions department. He is an intern at Ronin Agency where he is a Social Media Content Producer and Brand Influencer where he spearheads the execution of strategic social media plans for Carlow University. Jordan aspires to be a global motivational speaker. He is the CEO of Faith Over Time LLC. His mission is to empower voices and transform lives through dynamic communication. He is actively involved at Macedonia Church of Pittsburgh, serving on the hospitality parking committee and participating in several ministry groups.

From Jordan:

“Receiving this scholarship is a wonderful honor, and I am sincerely grateful for the support it provides. As I reflect on what earning this scholarship means to me, it represents so much more than just financial assistance. It is a validating vote of confidence in my potential and a recognition of my dedication to my academic and future goals. This means the world to me. It is a symbol of encouragement and motivates me to strive for excellence in all aspects of my educational journey. I am committed to making the most of this opportunity and using it to propel me toward my goal of being a global motivational speaker. Thank you for believing in me and for being a crucial part of my academic success.”

2024 Mary Beth Beggy Fischerkeller Scholarship Winner

Julianna Werner

University of Pittsburgh

Julianna currently attends the University of Pittsburgh and will graduate in May 2025 with dual majors in Marketing and Supply Chain Management, a minor in Legal Studies, and a certificate in Leadership and Ethics. At Pitt, Julianna is a Dean’s List student, teaching assistant with the College of Business Administration, supervisor for the intramurals sports programs, and a Student Civic Engagement Council member. Julianna Werner is from Franklin Park, Pa and a graduate of North Allegheny High School. Julianna enjoys mentoring, fashion, music, community service, and building her marketing and business skills through internships and study abroad programs.

From Julianna:

“I’m honored to be selected as this year’s recipient of the MAP Mary Beth Beggy Fischerkeller scholarship. I grew up immersed in Pittsburgh media and was greatly influenced by local television, radio, and even the Sunday newspaper. I knew pretty early on that I would have a career as a creative communicator, even if I didn’t know what role that would be. As I learned more about Mary Beth, I was impressed by her achievements in media but also drawn to her “How can I help?” attitude and simple statement about showing up, despite the challenges of her illness. Her passion for her profession, community, and family are inspirational. I’m beyond grateful to the Media Association of Pittsburgh and the Beggy and Fischerkeller families for awarding me Mary Beth’s memorial scholarship.”

2024 Spring MAP Scholarship Winner

Sydney Altfather

Chatham University

Sydney Altfather is a graduating senior at Chatham University double-majoring in Communications: Public Relations and Women’s and Gender Studies. Driven and passionate, she excels in communication and holds a deep commitment to social justice. When not tackling academics, Sydney actively participates in various non-profit and volunteer projects, fueled by her (perhaps self-deprecatingly mentioned) caffeine dependence.

From Sydney:


“As a first-generation college student, this scholarship recognizes my hard work and dedication to overcoming financial and personal obstacles to pursue my educational goals. Winning this scholarship is a tremendous honor and a step forward in achieving my dreams of personal and professional growth in the field of communications.”

2023 Media Association of Pittsburgh Scholarship Winner

Melissa Atanasio

University of Pittsburgh

Melissa Atanasio is 21 years old and a Junior at the University of Pittsburgh majoring in Marketing & Human Resources Management. From Lancaster, PA, she moved to Pittsburgh to pursue her passions for Marketing and the Music & Entertainment Industry. This year, she has been able to bring these passions together as a Marketing & Promotions Intern at PromoWest Productions / Stage AE. Melissa is also involved with the American Marketing Association at Pitt through Key Creations, a student-run consulting group that provides marketing work for local businesses throughout the city. In her free time, she releases original indie-pop music under the artist name “Meli Anne” while marketing her work via social media. Now, she is currently preparing for the “Pitt in LA” study away program this upcoming June to gain greater exposure to the entertainment industry at large.

From Melissa:

“Being awarded this scholarship truly means the world to me. It feels wonderful to be supported in the city that I love while pursuing the work that I love. I am incredibly grateful to the Media Association of Pittsburgh for supporting my education and professional growth as I enter my senior year at Pitt.”

2023 Mary Beth Beggy Scholarship Winner

Adalgisa Butkewitsch

University of Pittsburgh

Adalgisa Butkewitsch is currently a student at the University of Pittsburgh finishing her second year earning a double degree in Business Marketing and English Literature. She was born and raised in Brazil but has found a new home in Pittsburgh. Inside the university, she is active in the Pitt Program Council, SCENE, and the literary research sphere. Beyond, Adalgisa pursues her passion for filmmaking and writing to find new boundaries for storytelling.

From Adalgisa:

“I am incredibly grateful to MAP for selecting me as the 2023 Mary Beth Beggy Fischerkeller Scholarship winner. This is an honor that, as an immigrant, I hold as an assurance that my effort is being valued. As a beginner writer and filmmaker, funding is an obstacle that this scholarship will help me overcome as I continue to create interesting projects going forward. Thank you!”

2022 MAP Scholarship Winner

Ben Wiegers

Geneva College

Benjamin Wiegers is a sophomore Communication student at Geneva College, with concentrations in Public Relations and Integrated Media. He is currently a member of Geneva’s Young Scholars Honors Program, an opportunity available for select sophomores and juniors at Geneva. Benjamin works as the broadcast commentator for Geneva’s men’s and women’s basketball and soccer teams, and is committed to studying public relations and integrated media in order to perform meaningful work in the world of professional athletics post-graduation.

From Ben:

“I am so thankful to have been selected by the Media Association of Pittsburgh to receive their scholarship this year. It is thrilling to be recognized for such an amazing honor, and I am grateful for the MAP’s generosity in helping to pay for my education. The scholarship money will allow me to continue to pursue my dream of doing media work in the sports world professionally.”

2022 Mary Beth Beggy Scholarship Winner

Stacie Ramos

St. Vincent College

Stacie Ramos is 18 years old and currently a freshman at Saint Vincent College. She was born and raised in Chula Vista, California, and decided to attend SVC to play collegiate volleyball. She is majoring in Marketing and minoring in Digital Arts and Media with a concentration in graphic design. Stacie made the Dean’s List and Presidential Athletic Conference Academic Honor Roll in her first semester. She was also inducted into the SVC chapter of the Alpha Lambda Delta Honors Society.

From Stacie:

“I am incredibly grateful to the MAP Education Committee for selecting me as one of their winners of the MAP 2022 Mary Beth Beggy Fischerkeller Scholarship. Coming from California, I was not able to bring a car to school, therefore, limiting me to on-campus jobs. Winning this scholarship allows me to take some financial burden off my parents, who pay for my flights back and forth during the breaks. This scholarship will be going towards my textbooks and tuition.

2022 Chemistry DEI Scholarship Winner

Semira McFarlane

University of Pittsburgh

Semira is a Sophomore at the University of Pittsburgh, double majoring in Marketing and Supply Chain Management, Minoring in Economics, and pursuing a Digital Media certificate. She was born and raised in Charles County, Maryland. She enjoys thrifting, collecting jewelry, and watching long video essays about random topics in her spare time. She also has a passion for community service, and her goal is to have 100 volunteer hours at Pitt by the time she graduates. This summer, she will intern at 321 Blink, a local advertising agency in the Pittsburgh area.

From Semira:

“I am so grateful that all of the hard work that I have put into my education and my future career path is being recognized by such an amazing organization. I hope to pass an opportunity like this to someone like me one day.”

2021 MAP & Chemistry DEI Scholarship Winner

Zipporah Sewell

Robert Morris University

Zipporah Sewell is 21 years old and a current Junior at Robert Morris University, majoring in Public Relations and Organizational Leadership. She was born and raised in Prince Georges County, MD. She is working towards being the first-generation college graduate in her family and making a difference. In her spare time, Zipporah likes to read, cook and attend church services. She also enjoys community service and is the VP of her campus’s Collegiate 100 chapter. Right now, she is working on her Spanish for her upcoming summer abroad program in Peru which is possible through the Vira L Heinz scholarship.

From Zipporah:

“Winning this scholarship means everything to me, I work day in and day out to make sure I can finish my degree as close to debt-free as possible. Scholarships like this one are a pat on the back to let me know I am doing something right.”

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