Comments from OAMA winners

Comments from our previous OAMA winners…

My first (Art Stein) award at Le Mont was interesting because the first two awardees to be presented before me, were the legendary, By Williams – WPXI TV, and then second was the great Jack Bogut…both of their presenters were, shall we say, very long-winded. Then, the two super awardees were next, and, of course, they each further bloviated their reveries, which took what seemed to be forever. Well, when it was finally time to receive my Art Stein Award, everyone in the room (including myself) had to go to the rest room, what with cocktails abounding – so I merely thanked my piers for this amazing recognition, and said to all, “I know you all have to pee – and so do I – thank you very much for this great award…”

My second (Agency/Allied) award was at Oakmont Country Club – an amazing place to celebrate such an honor from one’s peers. Nothing more beautiful to say about that evening other than, I had recently lost both of my parents, and I truly felt their presence there in that beautiful facility that night…I KNOW THEY WERE THERE!

Jack A. D’Amico, Art Stein Memorial Award Winner 1992, Agency/Allied Award Winner 2005, MAP President 1984-85


One of my first experiences at the OAMAs was at one of the first OAMA events. It was the year that Fred Rogers won an Outstanding Achievement Award in Television Award, 1991. As a young man in the business at the time I remember thinking; “wow….I wonder how you get to a point in your life/career where you are accomplished enough to earn an award like that.” And I went on to witness dozens of other venerable professionals receive Outstanding Achievement Awards over the years based on their career long contributions to the media / ad sales industry.

Decades after Fred, I was honored to stand on the same stage and receive the same award from MAP. I am sure that my accomplishments can never be compared in any way to those of Fred Rogers. But I can say that I felt the same sense of pride in my work that I am sure Fred felt when he received his award all those years ago. And I’ll never forget that feeling.

Michael Hills, Art Stein Memorial Award Winner 2007, Television Award Winner 2011, MAP President 2007


When I was honored by my award one thing I remember was that at least three young women came up to me and said, with a straight face, that I was a legend!

I was a lot younger then and felt far from legend status but I really enjoyed the compliments.

Jack Coyne, Agency/Allied Award Winner 2001


One of the most special and meaningful honors I ever received was the Outstanding Achievement in Media Award for radio from the (then) Pittsburgh Radio and Television Club back in 1998. To this day, it sits proudly in my book case because it came from my peers.

Success in our various businesses to effectively market products and services or entertain audiences is not an honor, it’s what we are supposed to do, and how we earn our living. However, to be singled out by those in your field who really understand from the inside how things should be done, is something very special! It also enables longevity. Case in point:

On this coming April 15th, it will be 50 years ago that I first went on the air on KDKA Radio as “Bogut in the Morning.”

How lucky was that?

Especially considering most of the morning show was already in place with network quality broadcasters like Ed Schaughency, Bill Steinbach, Bob Prince, Joe DeNardo, and Paul Long. That meant, if I didn’t mess things up, success was almost guaranteed. In fact, we became the second highest rated morning radio show in America.

What I didn’t know, though, was how friendly and generous the people of Pittsburgh and Western Pennsylvania were, what a good sense of humor they had, and how willing they were to forgive someone for occasional silliness and lots of mistakes, if his heart was in the right place. I will always treasure and be grateful for that.

Over the years I had a number of chances to move – New York City, Chicago, Miami, but Joni and I knew that this was where we wanted live and raise our family.

We couldn’t have made a better decision.

Thanks for making Pittsburgh, “Home,” for us.

Jack Bogut, Radio Award Winner 1998


I was proud to accept the Outstanding Achievement in Media award on behalf of the exceptional men and women at Channel 11, whose talent and hard work took the station from last place to first during my time there.”

Since we are blessed to live in the Southern California desert during the winter, we won’t be able to attend the event. 

John Howell, VP/GM, WPXI, 1984-2002, Television Award Winner 1995


 It was truly an honor to accept the Agency/Allied award in front of a table of family and an audience of special friends and colleagues.  But, to see two tables of Clients in the audience made it an extraordinary evening for me!!

Julie Smith, Agency/Allied Award Winner 2012, Art Stein Memorial Award Winner 2010, MAP President 2002


It is the responsibility of the president to look toward the future.  It is the responsibility of the past president to let go of the past.  To have been president of the organization meant the acceptance of tremendous responsibility to be a visionary.  During my tenure I was supported by a wonderful Board of Directors and exemplary Vice Presidents.  We developed meaningful monthly members’ (and guests’) luncheons with speakers and presentations that were instructional, informative and entertaining.  We studied the By-Laws and took on the daunting task of analyzing the Articles and considering how the club would be best-served with the challenges of modifications and changes to grow toward the future rather than survive and age.  Now as a past president I support the President, Board of Directors and Vice Presidents.  When called upon, I provide input for strategies that launch forward-thinking.  It was an honor to have served as president; it is an honor to be a past president.   

Lois Elder, MAP President 1990-91


The exuberance and enthusiasm Art Stein possessed for the organization was admirable.  He made a living in sales, and he extended his abilities to make the club stronger in membership.  He did not simply ask people to “join” just to grow our numbers; he was thoughtful in his approach in finding those who were willing to do more and give more to the betterment of the club.  To me, to have received the Art Stein Award meant a recognition of my service to the club in various roles I held as a Board Member, a Vice President, Treasurer and President.  The acceptance of the award was Art’s challenge to me to continue to serve to enrich MAP’s vitality and prosperity.  Thank you, Art, for all that you did for the club.

Lois Elder, Art Stein Memorial Award Winner 2000, MAP President 1990-91


When I was selected to receive the Agency/Allied Award, I recognized the opportunity to say thank you for acknowledging the work of a sole proprietor-owned agency and to ponder the importance of the honor.  I am grateful to MAP for selecting me, and I am grateful to my two presenters, Stacy Smith and Jon Burnett, for their message, in the form of their speech, to hold me to an even higher standard.  Being 5’2”, I’ll need a step ladder to reach that higher standard, but this award is an honor that stays with me and is a reminder that it’s not about an individual, it’s about the relationships with clients and colleagues.   

Lois Elder, Agency/Allied Award Winner 2014, MAP President 1990-91


I dearly love the Media Association of Pittsburgh.

From the early 1990s through the end of that decade, I held numerous Vice Presidential positions for the Club…of Membership, Programming and Community Service, among others, before becoming President in 2000, and then staying very involved as a Past President since 2001.

My favorite memories from that night in 2004:

  1. Club President Rebecca Lamperski introducing me with a comically-long trail of attached notecards each “allegedly” representing different Vice Presidential positions that I held for the Club in the 1990s.
  2. My being able to report to everyone assembled, who had been so kind and supportive, that my oldest daughter Cara was in remission and in good health, having survived two separate onslaughts of acute myeloid leukemia in 2001 and 2003 and being the first child with acute myeloid leukemia at Children’s Hospital in

Pittsburgh to ever receive a modified bone marrow transplant. (Cara celebrated the 14th anniversary of her transplant last November and remains in good health.)


It is a tremendous honor to be an Art Stein Award recipient, in light of how devoted the late Art Stein was to our Club for many years and what a great ambassador he was for our Club.

Morry Feldman, Radio Award Winner 1995, Art Stein Memorial Award Winner 2004, MAP President 2000


Receiving the OAMA was a great honor. Thanks, MAP, for your leadership in our market.

Tony Bucci, Agency/Allied Winner 2000

MAP is truly the voice of media in our market and a wonderful partner to all of us in the agency world. It meant so much to me to be recognized by MAP members.

Michele Fabrizi, Agency/Allied Winner 2015


I guess my most memorable event was when I won the Art Stein award and was seated at the same table as David Newell aka Mr. McFeely. My family was excited…..not for me or my award….but to be sitting with Mr. McFeely.  There were plenty of pictures from the event, of my wife and four daughters….with Mr. McFeely.

Tim McLaughlin, Art Stein Memorial Award Winner 2013, MAP President 2011


My award is never too far from me.  Tom sent a picture of his 1991 OAMA award too.

Tom Rooney, Agency/Allied Award Winner 1991


My favorite memory of the OAMA Awards would be when Dollie Bucci was honored in 1999. I hired Dollie as an account executive when I was running sales at KDKA Radio (1969 to 1975.)  As far as I know, she was the first woman to ever hold that job so you can imagine there were a few doubters. But Dollie strode into that all male world and showed everyone how good she was. Professional in every way and I’d have to say she was one of the best hires I ever made in a very long broadcasting career. When she was honored many years after I’d moved to other jobs, I was honored to be asked to speak about her. She’d been stricken with Multiple Sclerosis and was in a wheel chair but still had the same spark and sense of humor that made her so special.  A very courageous woman and I’m glad to have been part of her well-deserved recognition. Let me add it’s great to see Ken Israel’s name among the honorees along with Kevin Gmiter who is the son of the legendary Pat Gmiter.  Best wishes for a very successful event.

Warren Maurer, MAP President 1972-73


On another subject, I was working in promotion at KDKA-TV in the late 50’s when Le Mont first opened. The station was holding a big client party there and as it was being planned, I suggested to my boss we put a sign on the W W Lawrence Paint Company roof saying “KDKA-TV.  The Best View in Town.”  He agreed so I called the company and found the Ad Manager was Mike Price, a fellow PSU graduate.  End result, it was the first trade deal I ever made!  Can’t think of Le Mont without recalling that.

Warren Maurer, MAP President 1972-73


I am humbled and feel honored to say that I was the second recipient to receive the Art Stein Award. This was meaningful for me because I knew Art Stein personally. I and everyone knew he loved this media organization and worked endlessly to make it successful. He was a great guy, a great salesman and everyone loved him. And to make this particular evening even more special, the other awardees for this event were Fred Rogers for TV; Myron Cope for radio and Tom Rooney for Agency/Allied…WOW, what a great team of awardees to be part of.

Paul C. Kress, Jr., Art Stein Memorial Award Winner 1991, MAP President 1974


When I was honored to receive the Radio Award, I realized that I had been in the business most of my life here in Pittsburgh and that I would continue to enjoy working in this field until I retired. I love this business and most of all the people who became part of my family which has carried over even today!

Paul C. Kress, Jr.,  Radio Award Winner 2004, MAP President 1974

Thanks for bringing the memory back, Lois. I recall Peggy Finnegan and David Johnson were there that night. Always enjoyed them, both as good people and tough competitors. My presenter — Patti Burns — and I had fun with them that evening….in a most professional way, of course!  The other thought I recall from that night at LeMont…I had just been offered and accepted a move to New York for the company (Group W, at the time).  The award dinner was the first time I had to reflect on the upcoming change for my family and how much I was going to miss living in Pittsburgh.  I had grown up there, in Mt. Lebanon, and like all Pittsburghers, felt a deep love for the place.  No amount of visiting family and friends could possibly replace the comfort and strong sense of community one feels living there.  If I had known back then the amazing city Pittsburgh was about to become over the ensuing 25 years, I wouldn’t have taken the New York job! 

Joe Berwanger, Television Award Winner 1993

My favorite award, from a great media organization, and, more importantly, an event that was founded by one of my favorite people on the planet….Lois Elder (“Little Lo”). If I never win another award before I retire from the TV business, I am humbled to win this one, and will know that my work was appreciated by my peers. What an honor, and a gift!! God bless you Lois Elder!!!  Now, let’s eat, drink and be merry!

Jon Burnett, Television Award Winner 2010

In my thank you comments, I had noted what a fabulous industry we are in and how special it is in Pittsburgh because of the people who comprise MAP. Five years and three cities later, I still applaud the unmatched work of MAP members who advocate for collaboration, integrity, education and community service as hallmarks of our industry. Congratulations to all of this year’s winners and to all the MAP members actively building the future of media in Pittsburgh!

Cindy DeLuca, Television Award Winner 2012

Being on the air in my hometown for 33 years was an incredible privilege. There were many wonderful moments during my career. But one of the more special gifts was receiving the award from the Media Association of Pittsburgh. Few people know that it came during a very difficult personal time in my life. Receiving the award helped me realize that my hard work, my dedication to the city, to KDKA TV and to my profession had been recognized by my incredible peers. For that, I was and am, forever grateful.
Congratulations to this year’s awardees. We all stand on the shoulders of those who came before us. 

Patrice King Brown, Television Award Winner 2003

My favorite memory is having my two daughters with me who were wondering why I was getting an award.  But when they heard the presentation and my speech, I think they were actually impressed with my career.  (Just a little!)

Paul Martino, Television Award Winner 2015

Tell tonight’s honorees how proud I was to be honored by the Media Association of Pittsburgh It is a truly special honor. 

Joe Negri, Television Award Winner 2014


It was an amazing honor to be nominated for the Art Stein Memorial Award in 2017 by Morry Feldman and Jason Dille. I credit Stephanie Satterfield and John Harpur for getting me involved with the Media Association of Pittsburgh/PRTC back in 2000, when I joined their media team at MARC USA. I wasn’t able to receive the award in person due to the early arrival of my twin daughters on June 6, 2017 and the ceremony was held a few days later on June 9, 2017, which I had helped to organize as VP of Celebrations.  Thank you again for the tremendous honor bestowed upon me by my MAP Board Member peers and MAP Past Presidents!

Kristy Hudson, Art Stein Memorial Award Winner 2017

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