Nothing ever stays the same, especially in the digital age. In this 3-part series, we will help you understand the changes occurring within the Google suite and what it means for you.


Session 1: May 22nd

Session 2: June 5th

Session 3: July 24th

Time: 12:00 – 2 PM

Location: Point Park University – Innovation Center



3-part series:

Members and Students: $50

Non-Members: $70


A la carte:

Members and Students: $20

Non-Members: $25

Session 1: How to Navigate Google Analytics’ GA4 to Tell Your Story, brought to you by Justin Seibert and Steve D’Angelo of Direct Online Marketing (DOM).

Measuring performance in Google Analytics was old hat for many marketers.  Even if you’re not a data nerd, you’ve seen hundreds of their old Universal Analytics reports.  Then Google changed the game with its infamous 4th version of analytics: GA4.  Join this interactive session to learn from the experts on pitfalls to avoid and how you can tell your marketing story better and accelerate your career goals.

Session 2: Reaching Consumers in a Cookieless World, brought to you by Brooke Wilcox of Media Now Interactive

With the impending deprecation of third-party cookies, marketers find themselves at the crossroads of innovation and adaptation. Brooke Wilcox, Executive Director of Client Partnerships, Media Now Interactive will guide you through alternatives that ensure you continue to reach people with data-driven precision.

Session 3: SEO Survival in the New AI-Powered Google, brought to you by Justin Seibert and Billy Wright of Direct Online Marketing (DOM)

From Arnold’s Terminator to Keanu’s Neo, Hollywood has been driving awareness (and fear) of AI for decades.  Yet it still caught virtually everyone by surprise when ChatGPT burst onto the scene.  Even Google seemed to be caught flat-footed.  Now it’s making up for lost time by threading its own AI throughout its core offering with the biggest change to search in 20 years.  Hear directly from the experts about the recent changes and those coming down the pike.  Adjust your website’s SEO strategies now or risk massive losses of visibility and traffic.


Justin Seibert

Justin Seibert

Founder, President

Session 1 & 3

Justin Seibert is the founder and President of Direct Online Marketing, a top 3% globally Premier Google Partner and Inc. 5000 fastest growing company. DOM has helped clients on every populated continent grow their businesses through digital advertising and marketing since 2006.

Steve D’Angelo

Steve D’Angelo

Sr. Digital Analyst, Team Lead

Session 1

Steve D’Angelo is a web analytics expert, serving as a Senior Digital Advertising Analyst at Direct Online Marketing and its Team Lead. He holds certifications in many forms of digital marketing, including from Google Analytics, Google Ads, and HubSpot.

Steve has served in a similar role at Highmark Health and holds a Bachelor’s in Marketing from Youngstown State University. He contributes technical-driven content on subjects such as GA4, cookie consent, digital advertising analysis, and data management.  Steve is a sports buff who also applies his love for analytics to NBA and NCAA analysis.

Brooke Willcox

Brooke Willcox

Executive Director of Client Partnerships at MNI

Brooke Willcox serves as the Executive Director of Client Partnerships at Media Now Interactive, a leading targeted media planning and buying company. With a proven track record of success in online advertising strategy and management, Brooke brings invaluable expertise to her role, shaping Media Now Interactive’s suite of digital offerings. Brooke has spearheaded numerous business initiatives at Media Now Interactive and has played a critical role in defining its digital offerings. Her extensive experience has provided her with a hands-on understanding of the digital ecosystem and a unique perspective on how each component fits into the complex campaign lifecycle.

Brooke excels at evaluating the digital landscape and identifying emerging trends, enabling her to pinpoint prospective partners across various areas, including media solutions, data partners, technology platforms, pricing models, custom campaign tracking and analytics, audience insights, verification tools, creative, and programmatic platforms. She plays an integral role in organizational management processes such as onboarding, training, technical integration, and ongoing partner management and development.

As a proven leader, Brooke possesses expertise in assessing media environments for opportunities, analyzing client needs, defining strategies for capturing new business, developing an existing client base, and gaining leverage in competitive industry sectors. She provides actionable insights for large-scale digital media optimization, including the design, development, and implementation of forward-thinking, audience-specific advertising initiatives to achieve marketing objectives.

Brooke holds a double major in Economics and Psychology from Wheaton College in Norton, Massachusetts, and is a proud mother of three.

Billy Wright

Billy Wright

Sr. Digital Marketing Strategist, Team Lead

As DOM’s Senior SEO Strategist, Team Lead, Billy Wright brings to DOM 2 decades of experience in digital marketing and 15 years specifically in search engine optimization. He’s had a lot of exciting jobs over the years (ask him about the goat farm), but eventually settled on SEO as his professional calling.

Billy has worked with websites since building his first site in the mid-1990s, eventually learning about SEO in its earliest days. He would go from there to work in many industries, including doing SEO within the entertainment, auto, steel, and consumer goods industries. Billy has created or consulted on over 500 websites.  Now he does it for DOM’s clients.

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