MAP Webinar: LinkedIn Training | March 11, 2021 4:00-5:30 PM

Find yourself spending a ton of time on LinkedIn and not sure if it’s making an impact? You’re not alone. Attendees of this event learned the best practices from a practitioner who has driven serious revenue through LinkedIn, with minimal effort and stress. Presented by Aaron Watson, CEO of Piper Creative, we learned the Four C’s of LinkedIn, laying the groundwork for everything you should be doing to build your business and brand.

The Four C’s of LinkedIn

  1. Consume: If you want to get better at LinkedIn, spend more time on the platform. Consume content and see what is valuable and goes virtal. This will help you understand a thoughtful post vs. a mindless one.
  2. Comment: Thoughtfully content on every piece of content you really like, especially of posters who you want to build a relationship with. Similarly, if people comment on your posts, engage back!
  3. Curate: Consistently elevate things that you’ve read that are relevant, as this is a good way to develop your brand and add value. When you curate content, you should always add your own POV. This doesn’t need to be well manicured and can be something as simple as “This is the best thing I read all week.” Even if the reader doesn’t agree, it’s a subtle clue that you are a critical thinker.
  4. Create: Create content in terms of text, images, decks, and videos. Be genuine and authentic in your content creation. And have fun!

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