Hey there, this is Tim McLaughlin president of the Media Association of Pittsburgh, also known as MAP.

What is MAP?

MAP is a volunteer organization made of Pittsburgh’s brightest and best media professionals. MAP has been around since 1945 and was formally known as the PRTC ( Pittsburgh Radio and Television Club). Unlike Ocho Cinco, we changed our name for good reason in 2007 as the media climate had developed and changed well beyond radio and television. We are proud to carry on the incredible history and work of the PRTC, but our name now better defines who we are, and what we do. We help media professionals find their way through the ever-changing media climate; and we serve as a “map” to help you navigate through the Pittsburgh media and beyond.

The past few years have been a challenge for everyone, especially media folks. I actually heard last summer that some TV GSM’s had to carry their own golf clubs during a client outing….. now, that’s tough ;-) However those of us who have remained networked, connected and engaged through MAP events have received insight, support and, in some cases, new jobs from their membership.

As you can hopefully see, we like to have fun. Media is fun.

It’s not about ratings, call reports, and canned packages. It’s about helping our clients we serve engage with their customers and grow their business. That’s fun.

If you are a member please continue to support and evangelize the good work that MAP does. If you are not a member, and are serious about growing old and loving this profession like we all do, then please join.

Thanks – Tim McLaughlin
2011 MAP President

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